When compassion takes action - a journey from despair to hope

Harriet and Susan talk about how rough it was to be pregnant and live on the streets. They share how FOA's help made a big, positive change, preventing a difficult and uncertain future for them and their babies.

Embarking on an inspiring journey with extraordinary young girls, Future of Africa is rewriting destinies that once seemed bound by adversity. In the bustling streets of Accra, Harriet and Susan's incredible transformation echoes the power of our united community – where compassion doesn't just speak but takes action.

Rescued from the harsh reality of street life, Harriet and Susan faced a new chapter with the arrival of their beautiful babies. In June, the Future of Africa team became the unwavering support system, standing strong for these young moms and their families, reshaping the course of their lives.

These infants, born into the safety of good medical care, symbolize the tangible impact of FOA's intentional presence and earned trust on the streets. Beyond mere sustenance, education, and essential life skills, our mission reaches deeper, striving to create a positive, long-lasting impact on the youth we support. Together, we are agents of transformation, building bridges from despair to a future of hope and possibility.

Harriet and Susan, who once navigated the harsh realities of street life, found themselves alone and pregnant. Abandoned by the fathers of their unborn children and estranged from their own families, they embarked on the daunting journey of pregnancy on the unforgiving streets. Yet, in the midst of this isolation, a new chapter unfolded—a tale of strength, community, and transformation.

No longer alone, Harriet and Susan discovered a lifeline in the form of a compassionate community. FOA became the bridge that reunited these mothers and their babies with their extended families, fostering kinship care and family reconciliation. Today, baby Kwaku and Kira, born just a month apart, radiate vitality and joy, embodying the essence of FOA's vital mission.

Their stories are strong reminders of the significance of FOA's work, transcending mere survival to ensure the holistic well-being of young lives on the streets. Against the backdrop of hopelessness, both mothers contemplated the worst until FOA intervened, offering opportunities when hope seemed lost. Witnessing the radiant smiles of these mothers as they embrace their newborns is a testament to the transformative power of collective support.

As FOA continues to extend its unwavering support—from crucial medical care to nutrition and providing a safe haven for these infants to flourish—the narrative shifts to one filled with promise. Through these small victories, we affirm that children in street situations should not journey alone, especially when a community stands ready to embrace them without judgement. The journey ahead is challenging, but with resilience, compassion, and united efforts, we are rewriting the script of these mothers and their babies, proving that hope is not lost but found in the embrace of a caring community.


As 2023 comes to a close, FOA pauses to celebrate the remarkable transformations witnessed in the lives of young mothers facing the challenges of street life. The unwavering support of our community has been the catalyst for profound change, guiding these mothers and their babies onto a path marked by stability, security, and boundless hope.

Together, we are rewriting a narrative that transcends adversity, shaping a world where African youth, irrespective of their present circumstances, can dare to embrace a hopeful future.

The journey continues, and with each passing moment, we are building a legacy of compassion, resilience, and empowerment—a testament to the enduring impact of a like-minded community. Here's to a future filled with promise, and a vision for a brighter Africa.

[Written by Emmanuel Britwum]

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