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About Future of Africa, assisting homeless youth in Ghana

The Future of Africa Vision

African youth working together for transformative change.

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Let's Go

We seek out to engage with youth in street situations so we can help set them on a healthy path.

Future of Africa was founded by TK Mawuli Azaglo as a campus club at Wilfrid Laurier University in 2008, to educate university students on their misconceptions and stereotypes about Africa. Between 2009 and 2015 FOA organized and led several service-learning trips to Arua, Uganda, and Lolito, Ghana to engage Canadian university students in computer literacy, poultry, sports, and school renovation projects. FOA registered as a Ghanaian not-for-profit organization in 2011.

In 2015 FOA begun its work with children in street situations in Accra. Today, FOA delivers a 5-year holistic wellness, technical education, and entrepreneurial skills education to homeless youth in Accra between 15-18 years old, and the first step of our Midzo Program is for our volunteers to engage with youth in the streets who have an interest in technical education and entrepreneurial skills.

Midzo The Impact Of Midzo

Our Mission

Future of Africa mentors African youth to build hope, character, and assets to break the cycle of extreme poverty in Africa.

More About Our Philosophy

Let's Heal

The focus is on earning their trust by providing friendship, meals, and emergency health care.

Future of Africa engages children living in street situations at the Okponglo, Shiashi, Opeibea, Flower Pot, and American House intersections. At Norviwo Community Center, we transition street residents below 15 years off the streets, offer rehabilitation programs and reunite them with their families. We work with families to prepare and enroll former street residents in school or vocational training to help them realize and contribute their created potential.

We maintain strong interactions and relationships with children in street situations by engaging passionate university students who are keen to serve and develop their leadership skills. Our university students hangout with street residents weekly and participate in reflection activities to discuss their experiences and its impact on their lives.

Miahaya The Impact Of Miahaya

Make A Difference

Without the help of our extended family, Future of Africa could not be in the streets of Accra today, continuing to make the future of our street residents brighter.

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Let's Learn

Harnessing their courage, tenacity, and grit to be change-makers wherever they find themselves.

It is not uncommon for children in street situations to become destitute, hopeless, and disenfranchised. They are often treated as unworthy because they are written off as social deviants.

Through counseling, coaching, and our investment in their education, we are able to transform their mindsets, fill them with hope and encourage them to respond to a higher calling; using their experiences to ultimately serve and improve the lives of people in their communities.

Miasrornu The Impact Of Miasrornu

We're A Family

Family is at the heart of everything we do, from serving as a family for at-risk youths to reconnecting them with their real families.

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Let's Flourish

Now we prepare them for continuing the learning and support towards adulthood and independence.

Our education places emphasis on entrepreneurship because after the first three years we want to empower our graduates to create jobs, provide employment, and grow their local economies to reduce the impact of poverty. Our robust five-year program is built to ensure we inspire, embrace, educate and establish homeless youth to become productive citizens in their communities. With the continued support of our Norviwo Extended Family (NEF) we're able to provide further guidance and education to help keep those who have worked through our Midzo, Miahaya, and Miasrornu programs to continue down the path to independence, responsibility, and to become leaders for positive change in their communities.

Mialike The Impact Of Mialike

Every Moment Counts

Every moment a child is off the streets and in the classroom is another moment for the Future of Africa.

From Street Child to Mentor: Cyril Brings Hope to Others

From Street Child to Mentor: Cyril Brings Hope to Others

Cyril fled his abusive home, seeking refuge on the streets where he learned to survive through sheer resilience. A chance encounter with TK and volunteers from Future of Africa rekindled his hope, setting him on a path towards achieving his dreams. 

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Leading transformative change: Nicholas's Journey with FOA

Leading transformative change: Nicholas's Journey with FOA

Nicholas recounts his journey with Future of Africa. Starting from the early days of simply distributing food on the streets, to the present where the lives of street children are being transformed through the FOA Scholars Program and the Norviwo Skills Training Program.

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Bringing hope home: Reuniting missing children with their families

Bringing hope home: Reuniting missing children with their families

In the heart of Accra's bustling streets, FOA tirelessly works to reunite vulnerable street children with their families, fostering healing, reconciliation, and the promise of a brighter future.

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Become The Change You Want To See

The future of Africa starts with young people harnessing the fundamentals of social responsibility to drive positive change within themselves.

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