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About Future of Africa, assisting homeless youth in Ghana

Our mission is to mentor African youth to build hope, character, and assets to break the cycle of extreme poverty in Africa.

The Truth Of Life In Accra

Driving through Accra, it’s hard not to notice the growing number of young people wiping windshields at the Shiashi intersection, directing traffic at the Boundary road-Adjiringanor road intersection, and begging for money at the Flower Pot and Opeibea intersections. The situation is similar in Kasoa, Takoradi, Kumasi, and Tamale. At night, some of these children sleep in uncompleted buildings, under bridges, and on sidewalks in the open air.

Homeless youth in Accra, Ghana

The Scale Of This Crisis

From Durban to Alexandria, from Nairobi to Accra the problem of child homelessness is a growing concern in many major cities across the continent. There are 30 million children living in street situations in Africa, according to a 2011 ILO-UNICEF joint estimate. In Ghana, conservative estimates suggest that there are about 204,000 children living in street situations in Accra, up from an estimated 33,000 in 2011.

Knowledge Is Power

Most people are apprehensive when approached by children in street situations. Seeking their daily survival, these children may be desperate and sometimes aggressive, and their persistence in getting attention often generates fear and anxiety. Although children in street situations are not all innocent, the general public knows little about their lives, forming judgments based on assumptions. Many of these children endure daily violence, trafficking, and sexual exploitation in the streets. They experience significant trauma from physical abuse, rape, hit and runs, and brutality. In the worst cases, some meet untimely deaths with no justice.

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Make A Difference

Through the help of our partners and donors, FOA is able to be in the streets of Accra weekly, continuing to bring hope to children in street situations.

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Finding Family

Children in street situations are often born into poverty and broken family systems. Most are primary school dropouts who seek refuge in the streets from negligence, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse at home. Once in the streets, the brutal realities they face force them to become hardened to avoid being taken advantage of. At the same time, they meet other children in the streets with similar experiences, and together they build strong familial bonds.

Beginning The Healing

Children in street situations are vulnerable to extremely poor health with no access to basic healthcare. They often suffer from starvation, repeat exposure to malaria, bacterial infections, respiratory issues, HIV/AIDS, and other ailments. Life on the streets also has significant impacts on these children’s mental health, and many become addicted to opioids such as tramadol, marijuana, or sex as coping mechanisms for undiagnosed anxiety, depression, or PTSD, as well as chronic loneliness and neglect.

The Next Steps

As Ghana faces rising poverty and unemployment rates, children in street situations represent one of the country’s most urgent humanitarian crises. If ignored, these young people may grow up to become desperate and disenfranchised adults with nothing more to lose. This is not a recipe for safety, peace, and development.

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Future of Africa performing street outreach in Accra, Ghana

  • FOA is following through with its mission to build positive character for lifelong well-being and livelihood. FOA have chosen to love and value the lives of street residents even if these kids do not love or value themselves

Every Moment Counts

Every moment a child is off the streets and in the classroom is another moment for the Future of Africa.

Bringing hope home: Reuniting missing children with their families

Bringing hope home: Reuniting missing children with their families

In the heart of Accra's bustling streets, FOA tirelessly works to reunite vulnerable street children with their families, fostering healing, reconciliation, and the promise of a brighter future.

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Unleashing Potential: Innocent, Ishmael and Patrick build their first picnic benches, chairs and tables

Unleashing Potential: Innocent, Ishmael and Patrick build their first picnic benches, chairs and tables

Within FOA's newly established metal and woodwork workshop, Innocent, Ishmael, and Patrick are honing their skills to build picnic benches, tables, and chairs of exceptional quality

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Celebrating new milestones: 11 Inspiring Youth Join Norviwo's Life-Changing Program

Celebrating new milestones: 11 Inspiring Youth Join Norviwo's Life-Changing Program

FOA's inaugural matriculation ceremony celebrated 11 former street children officially joining the Norviwo program.

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The future of Africa starts with young people harnessing the fundamentals of social responsibility to drive positive change within themselves.

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