• I was proud of myself and my fellow residents that we performed well on the matriculation day, and we showed that street children also have talents that should not be overlooked.
    Susana Johnson
  • The day was special for me and I was happy that my parents now believe that I can do something better with my life and I can grow up to become a good person
    Samuel Quartey
  • On the streets you hustle before you eat. Nobody cares about you.

Hope For Ostracised Youth

Future of Africa equips children in street situations to redirect their lives by providing pathways for them to leave the streets, embark on transformative journeys, and emerge as catalysts for change.

Inspiring The Youth Of Africa With Street Outreach Programs


Through street outreach activities FOA staff and volunteers give children in street situations hope and an open invitation to leave the streets.

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Educating The Youth Of Africa For The Future


At our Norviwo Community Centre we take care of children in street situations allowing them to heal, reunite with their families, and learn essential life skills 

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Educating The Youth Of Africa For The Future


Through our learning and training partners we provide vocational training and practical education to enable former street residents to become employable. 

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Together We Can Change The Future of Africa For The Better


We support former street residents to find meaningful employment, mentorship and housing support to get a head-start and build their lives. 

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Leaders Helping Shape Youth Into Future Leaders In Africa

inspiring a new generation

The Future of Africa Is You

Since 2008, Future of Africa has been educating and empowering young people to become responsible change agents in their local communities.

Young people are Africa’s biggest hope for transformative change and unparalleled community development. Now is the time to address difficult social issues that affect young people’s ability to live a life of dignity, grow and contribute to their full potential.

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Become The Change You Want To See

The future of Africa starts with young people harnessing the fundamentals of social responsibility to drive positive change within themselves.

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