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About Future of Africa, assisting homeless youth in Ghana

Future of Africa has been serving children in street situations in Accra, Ghana, since 2015, and year-over-year has been instrumental in making a difference in the streets, and in the lives of youth that we find there.

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"Lets go!"

With our street outreach program, Midzo, we work with children and youth who are living hand to mouth, and in 2020, due to COVID-19, we increased our street outreach activities from one to three times a week. We are also in the streets of Accra responding to more emergency medical situations—from extreme malaria, hit and runs, HIV, stab wounds, and serious infections. We even implemented a new registration system to keep track of the children we serve, and we registered some of our FOA Children on Ghana's National Health Insurance to cut down on medical expenses.

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The Impact Of Midzo


Reaching Out


Residents in street situations in Accra that Future of Africa volunteers have interacted with.

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The impact of Mizo by Future of Africa in Accra, Ghana

Saving Lives

10Per Month

Young people on the streets who have received emergency medical care from Future of Africa.

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Emergency Responses in Accra

Signing Up


Young residents in Accra who, after Future of Africa engaged with them, have registered for a brighter future.

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Youth registered with Future of Africa

Taking Care


Of our registered youth have been signed up for National Health Care in Ghana to stay healthy at less cost.

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Youth registered for Health Care


"Let's heal"

Since 2016, we have taken 32 children and youth off the streets and traced 90% of their families. 100% of the 18 who left our program have returned at least once to ask about being accepted back into the program. We have given multiple second chances, but these experiences have exposed crucial gaps in our program that we are in the process of addressing.

In 2021, we will be making a major push for mental and emotional health services to ensure we are equipping our FOA children with the support they need to begin healing from years of trauma and addictions that lure them back to the streets.

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The Impact Of Miahaya


Brought In


Residents in street situations in Accra that Future of Africa has brought into the Norviwo Community Centre.

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Children brought off the streets of Accra by Future of Africa

Staying With Us


Young people we've taken from the streets who have decided to stay in the care of Future of Africa.

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Children staying with Future of Africa



Of registered Future of Africa youth have had the opportunity to reconnect with their original families.

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Families traced by Future of Africa in Ghana

Miasrornu & Mialike

"Let's learn & let's be established"

The third to fifth years of our program are the most formative, from learning to learn again in Miasrornu, to becoming fully independent and established in Mialike. We are only now entering the final stages with our three former street residents, and we are so proud of the progress they've made.

In 2016, the Founder of our organization and his wife took the first two children from the streets into their own home and enrolled them in school as a pilot for the system we currently have at Norviwo. Cyril recently graduated top of his class in Junior High School and is currently enrolled in a top Senior High School in Ghana.

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Giving Back


University students engaged with Future Of Africa as volunteers with our organization to give back.

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Young children in school with Future of Africa

Started Learning


Young residents of our Norviwo Community Centre who have enrolled at school or a vocational centre.

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Young children in school with Future of Africa

Time Spent


Hours of volunteer work put forward by every one of our Future of Africa leaders as they work to be responsible citizens.

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Youth registered for Health Care

Every Moment Counts

Every moment a child is off the streets and in the classroom is another moment for the Future of Africa.

Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesdays give street residents a chance to pause, rest and connect with the FOA family

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Joyce and her Family Find Hope

Joyce and her Family Find Hope

Former Street Resident, Joyce, shares her painful past on the streets and finding hope for her family with FOA's support

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How Isaac Andoh survived the streets living with polio

How Isaac Andoh survived the streets living with polio

Former Street Resident, Isaac Andoh, Shares His Story About Living On The Streets With Polio.

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