Norviwo Program

The Future Starts Here

Future of Africa’s Norviwo Program is a change in mindset and attitude towards children in street situations. The program is designed to listen to street residents, build relationships and earn their trust. We believe children in street situations are resilient, full of courage and grit. We focus more on their strengths.

The Big Picture

At Future of Africa, our 5 year program is designed to provide children in street situations a holistic transformation, including access to education, skilled trades apprenticeships, and the fostering of life skills needed to become independent and engaged citizens.

What's In A Name?

The name and the fundamentals of each program are inspired by various phrases from the Ewe language primarily spoken in South-Eastern Ghana and Togo. This connection to local culture emphasizes our strong focus on community and its relevance to our approach to change. The structure of our programs facilitates a natural progression for children to follow that allows them to become independent and responsible citizens in their communities, driving change for the future of Africa.

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  • Now, I see myself as a person. That I also matter.
    Isaac Andoh

The Four Fundamentals


"Let's Go!"

TO INSPIRE   |   Street Outreach

The program starts with outreach by Future of Africa to identify 13-15-year-olds in street situations and inspiring them to join our Miahaya program.

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"Let's Heal"

TO EMBRACE   |   Year One

Once we've connected with the children through Midzo and inspired them to begin the healing, our Miahaya program helps to prepare them for the future.

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"Let's Learn"

TO EDUCATE   |   Year Two & Three

After the children graduate Miahaya, we begin to equip them for independence by having them enroll in an academic program or become part of a trade apprenticeship.

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"Let's Be Established"

TO ESTABLISH   |   Year Four & Five

The final step of our program is helping to guide our educated and skilled students to lead independent and responsible lives with access to ongoing support systems.

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Every Moment Counts

Every moment a child is off the streets and in the classroom is another moment for the Future of Africa.

Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesdays give street residents a chance to pause, rest and connect with the FOA family

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Joyce and her Family Find Hope

Joyce and her Family Find Hope

Former Street Resident, Joyce, shares her painful past on the streets and finding hope for her family with FOA's support

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How Isaac Andoh survived the streets living with polio

How Isaac Andoh survived the streets living with polio

Former Street Resident, Isaac Andoh, Shares His Story About Living On The Streets With Polio.

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The future of Africa starts with young people harnessing the fundamentals of social responsibility to drive positive change within themselves.

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