Building livelihoods: Former Street Youth Excel in Hairdressing, Auto-Mechanics, and Fashion Design Apprenticeships

FOA celebrates the incredible achievements of Sandra, Kofi, and Patience. After years of navigating life on the streets, they are now mastering trades in hairdressing, auto-mechanics, and fashion design. 


A significant milestone for young boys and girls rescued from the street is acquiring employable skills for self-sufficiency. This year, Sandra, Kofi, and Patience, former street residents, embarked on training and apprenticeships in hairdressing, auto-mechanics, and fashion design. These remarkable individuals have not only found stability but have also grown in self-confidence, believing they can contribute positively to their community.

Sandra Ateliya initiated her hairdressing training at Twist & Locs Salon in April. Within three months, her dedication led to a promotion to apprentice, impressing both supervisors and colleagues. Sandra's hard work quickly became evident, and she surpassed expectations, developing strong technical skills in hairdressing, resulting in an improvement in her confidence. 




Kofi Nyamekye's childhood fascination with cars has evolved into a passion for understanding their inner workings. After five years of facing the harsh realities of street life, FOA stepped in to support him in leaving the street. Since February, Kofi has been training to become a certified mechanic, honing his skills in diagnosing and repairing vehicles. Like the engines he now works on, Kofi has undergone a transformative process, not just learning a trade but developing the mindset to break free from the limitations of his past.

Patience Tamaklo bravely left the street, reuniting with family in August. After running away from home four years ago, seeking a better life, she faced hardships and abuse on the street. FOA reunited her with her father and supported her in securing an apprenticeship with a fashion designer. Patience is now learning to design and sew various clothing, aspiring to start her own clothing business in future.

In the journeys of Sandra, Kofi, and Patience, we witness the profound impact of community in reshaping destinies. FOA's supportive community continues to play a significant role in propelling these young individuals toward a brighter, more empowered future. 

[Written by Emmanuel Britwum]

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