Future of Africa Hairdressing Training Workshop

FOA’s Norviwo Job-skills program is designed to equip young boys and girl living in street situations with practical job skills which provide a pathway for them to escape the cycle of poverty. Through our collaboration with professional trainers across various vocational industries, FOA is opening doors to vital employment opportunities for these youth. 

Project Overview

There are thousands of young girls and boys living on the streets of Accra, facing extreme poverty and lack of opportunities. These conditions often lead to a life of begging and crime. FOA’s Norviwo Job-skills program is a proven solution to break this cycle, offering a pathway for former street youth to transform their lives. Building on our successful initiatives in hairdressing and wood and metal work, we are launching a Hairdressing Training Workshop at our Norviwo community center.

Project Goals

1. Empowerment through Skills: Provide comprehensive hairdressing and training to over 20 street youth annually.

2. Employment and Entrepreneurship: Facilitate job placements and entrepreneurial opportunities for trained youth, enabling them to achieve financial independence.

3. Community Integration: Foster a supportive environment where youth can learn, grow, and contribute positively to society.

Project Implementation
  • Training Facilities: Norviwo Community Center will house a dedicated hairdressing
    workshop made from a renovated shipping container equipped with industry-standard tools and facilities.
  • Partnership with Twist & Locs Salon: Seasoned professionals from Twist & Locs will provide mentorship and training, ensuring the program meets current market needs.
  • Curriculum: The training program will cover hairdressing techniques, customer service, and business skills, preparing trainees for employment and entrepreneurship.

Iterations of FOA's Hairdressing Training Workshop

Iterations of FOA's Hairdressing Training Workshop

Iterations of FOA's Hairdressing Training Workshop

Expected Impact
  • Skill Development: Youth will acquire practical skills in hairdressing, making them employable in reputable salons or enabling them to start their own businesses.
  • Economic Empowerment: Graduates will gain financial independence, reducing reliance on street activities for survival.
  • Community Transformation: Trained youth will become role models, inspiring others to pursue vocational training and positively impacting their communities.
Budget and Funding Needs
  • Total Project Cost: $4,000 (GHS 57,000)
  • Funding Requirements: $2,500 (GHS 35,754) to cover equipment costs and $1,500 (GHS 21,448) for the renovation of an old shipping container into a salon.
  • Sustainability Plan: Revenue generated from services provided by trainees and ongoing support from partners will ensure the program's longevity.

FOA invites you to fund the establishment of our Hairdressing and Training Workshop. Your financial contribution will transform individual lives and uplift entire communities by instilling hope and breaking the cycle of poverty through practical education and employment opportunities. Partner with FOA to make a lasting impact on the lives of Accra's most vulnerable youth.

Together, we can equip them to transform their lives and their communities.

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