Meet Our FOA Leaders

About Future of Africa, assisting homeless youth in Ghana

Future of Africa continuously builds on the relationships we've developed with our young residents, and oftentimes they will go on to assist us as volunteers. Our Future of Africa Leaders is a team devoted to helping others by offering their own time to make a difference.

Jude Watimongo #1

Jude Watimongo

Exciting and insightful.

Rhoda Adolwin Abugrago #1

Rhoda Adolwin Abugrago

Fulfilling and right.

Cynthia Umwizerwa #1

Cynthia Umwizerwa

Anold Nsubuga #1

Anold Nsubuga

FOA gave me meaning in giving back to my community. I find purpose with every smile I contribute to and I love creating that safe community where the kids know that they are not judged.

Frida Iryivuze Mbabazi #1

Frida Iryivuze Mbabazi

To me, FOA has been a community of friends and a family. FOA gave me an opportunity to help and take care of children on the streets.

Divine Nkurunziza #1

Divine Nkurunziza

One of the things that make me happy is to help others, and FOA gave me that opportunity. I appreciate the time I have spent with children so far, we learn from each other; I also met inspiring people in FOA who help me in my personal growth. FOA forever.

George Mensah Minyillah #1

George Mensah Minyillah

Bringing a smile on a child's face gives me a deep satisfaction of which I cannot express in words and FOA has given my the opportunity to fulfill this dream and I'm really grateful.

Ayisha Nuhu #1

Ayisha Nuhu

Being a member of FOA gives me wonderful memories I can always reflect on. It has also given me the chance to interact with diverse people from various backgrounds.

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Our Future of Africa Leaders are not just residents who have undertaken our program, but they are also young students in University who have seen a need to help our communities in Africa develop responsibly.

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  • If we can get even one kid off the street to become a prominent person in the future, it will give one more street resident some hope to strive to get a better life.
    Eunice Nusimebia Agbenyegah

Every Moment Counts

Every moment a child is off the streets and in the classroom is another moment for the Future of Africa.

A New Home for Norviwo

A New Home for Norviwo

Our new space allows us to think big and dream of exciting possibilities.

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Alanson's Story - A Volunteer Experience

Alanson's Story - A Volunteer Experience

Alanson's two months in Accra have been characterized by the life-giving community of Future of Africa (FOA). Here he shares his story.

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Sandra travelled 800km from Tindonsobligu to find hope

Sandra travelled 800km from Tindonsobligu to find hope

Sandra left her hometown in search of a better life. After many lonely nights on the streets, she finds family at Norviwo.

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Become The Change You Want To See

The future of Africa starts with young people harnessing the fundamentals of social responsibility to drive positive change within themselves.

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