Step Four - We Establish

Future of Africa is committed to the total wellbeing of street-connected youth who go through our program. In the last step of our program we equip former street residents to find housing, jobs, learn financial literacy, mentorship, and independence.


"Let's Be Established"

Without work experience and an enabling environment, it is difficult for former street residents to succeed even after assistance from Future of Africa. They are unable to meet their basic needs and ultimately end up back on the streets. After going through Miasrornu, it is important for them to hone their skills to become employable and/or start their own businesses. Our goal is to equip former street residents to become productive citizens, who will take responsibility to address social issues in their communities. We plan to continue working with former street residents to find lasting solutions to child poverty in various communities across the continent.

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Make A Difference

By donating towards our Norviwo Community Centre, or volunteering to help out, you can help make a difference in the lives of former street residents on their way to becoming responsible and engaged citizens.

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Ongoing Support

Norviwo Extended Family Support (NEFS) is a support system for street residents in our program. NEFS are students and professionals from various walks of life who volunteer to add value to the lives of current and former street residents.

From FOA’s Midzo to Mialike programs, NEFS serves as extended family members to current and former street residents. Their service with FOA includes, but not limited to, serving meals, reading circles, providing first-aid, assisting with family tracing, providing job opportunities, accommodation, skills training, financial literacy, mentorship, and other services that add value to the lives of current and former street residents.

Being a NEFS member also serves to provide leadership opportunities for aspiring social change makers. They contribute their abilities, resources, and networks to bring positive change to the lives of children in street situations. With a vision for service-driven leadership, FOA recruits individuals and organizations that are like-minded in values, who believe in their personal responsibility to bring positive change in their communities.

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The Impact Of Mialike

FOA receives on average 10 requests from street residents to leave the streets every month. We have transitioned 34 into Miahaya, traced 100% of their families, and enrolled 14 in our Miasrornu program. 100% of street residents who ran back to the streets return to FOA for multiple second-chances.

In 2021, we are prioritising mental and emotional health services to help street residents deal with addictions and trauma that keep them stuck in unhealthy cycles.

Our Impact

  • They are taking good care of me as if I was their own daughter.

Every Moment Counts

Every moment a child is off the streets and in the classroom is another moment for the Future of Africa.

Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesdays give street residents a chance to pause, rest and connect with the FOA family

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Joyce and her Family Find Hope

Joyce and her Family Find Hope

Former Street Resident, Joyce, shares her painful past on the streets and finding hope for her family with FOA's support

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How Isaac Andoh survived the streets living with polio

How Isaac Andoh survived the streets living with polio

Former Street Resident, Isaac Andoh, Shares His Story About Living On The Streets With Polio.

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Become The Change You Want To See

The future of Africa starts with young people harnessing the fundamentals of social responsibility to drive positive change within themselves.

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