Step Three - We Educate

After the children have successfully transitioned through Miahaya, Future of Africa provides them with an opportunity towards their future independence through academic or technical education to become employable.


"Let's Learn"

In years two and three of our program we equip children with the skills necessary to allow them to become fully independent. With quality education, we know street residents stand a better chance of staying off the streets. Many of the children that we've worked with want to go back to school, but having been out of school for years, the rigor and structures of traditional school systems pose a significant challenge. We work with Hope Christian Academy and Hope Training Institute to support the unique needs of former street residents. In addition to academic studies, we strongly encourage apprenticeship as an alternative pathway to gain employable skills.

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Your donations and partnerships allow Future of Africa to board and educate our street residents towards a brighter future.

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How Miasrornu Works

Our goal with Miasrornu is to equip former street residents to gain knowledge and skills to become employable and responsible citizens in future.

After completing Miahaya, Future of Africa then provides full financial and ongoing moral support to ensure that FOA Scholars and Apprentices are making progress in school.

Our partner school and training centre has boarding facilities that enable former street residents to make new friends and establish new healthy routines.

What's Next?

Students who successfully complete Miahaya move on to the final phase of our program, Mialike. This phase is designed to help foster gradual independence and reliance on the essential life skills they've learned during their time with Future Of Africa.

Step Four - Mialike

The Impact Of Miasrornu

Since its inception, Future Of Africa has successfully enrolled 14 former street residents who have transitioned from our MIAHAYA program at the Norviwo Centre into school and/or an apprenticeship program with our partner schools and training facility.

Our Impact

  • I am happy in my soul. I am at peace as my daughter is being cared for

Every Moment Counts

Every moment a child is off the streets and in the classroom is another moment for the Future of Africa.

Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesdays give street residents a chance to pause, rest and connect with the FOA family

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Joyce and her Family Find Hope

Joyce and her Family Find Hope

Former Street Resident, Joyce, shares her painful past on the streets and finding hope for her family with FOA's support

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How Isaac Andoh survived the streets living with polio

How Isaac Andoh survived the streets living with polio

Former Street Resident, Isaac Andoh, Shares His Story About Living On The Streets With Polio.

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